arcserve-KB : How to Export UDP Agent Log from Command Prompt

Last Update: 2018-09-20 12:40:10 UTC
Description: When submitting a support ticket for technical assistance, it is sometimes necessary to upload activity log from Arcserve UDP Agent node. Usually activity log for all the nodes can be directly viewed/exported from Arserve UDP Console , however in few instances it may be necessary to collect activity log directly.


1. Login to the UDP Agent node
2. Launch and Administrative Command Prompt ( for help please review the steps mentioned in :
3. Change the current working directory to Arcserve UDP Agent BIN directory ( default directory is C:\Program Files\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\BIN )
4. Run the command 'CmdUtil.exe /db /dump' , this would start the export of activity log to the directory 'X:\Program Files\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\Logs\ActLogs'
5. Zip and attach it to the support ticket. 



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