arcserve-KB : How to check the volumes which are being tracked by UDP Agentless CBT Driver

Last Update: 2018-09-20 12:40:24 UTC

When we protect Hyper-V guest VM's using an Host Based Agentless Backup Task , a UDP CBT driver is installed in MS Hyper-V host .This CBT driver would would get attached to each volume where the protected Virtual Machine disk's resides. Once the driver gets attached to a volume it continuously tracks block level changes which would be used to perform and incremental backup job.

While working on various problems related to Host Based Agentless Backup it may be required to check the status of the driver and the volumes being tracked by the CBT driver.


1. Login to the Hyper-V Host ( incase of CSV Cluster , login to all the Hyper-V Hosts part of the CSV ) . 
2. Launch an administrative command prompt. 
3. Run the command ' fltmc instances' , we should see an instances for the driver 'xomfcbt' and the volumes which are being tracked by the driver. In the below example , the driver is only tracking change for volume C: . If we do not observe the driver in the list then it indicates that the driver is not yet attached(or tracking changes) for any volumes .



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