arcserve-KB : How to move the data/index folder to alternate location in UDP?

Last Update: 2018-07-19 13:32:59 UTC

The UDP backup job would fail because of less space on the volume where the data file or the Index file is located. Under Resources – Recovery Point Server - Datastore you would see an error message ‘Low Disk Space : Index or data destination’.

If you have additional volume where you can move this data without disturbing the current deduplication process, kindly follow the below steps:


1. Stop the Datastore from the Arcserve UDP Console. Resources – Recovery Point Server – Highlight the problem Datastore and right click select Stop option.

2. Make sure there are no jobs running on UDP Console before proceeding further.

3. In the Task manager verify if the corresponding GDDserver.exe process is not running for the datastore which is stopped, in case if they are still running then kill the relevant GDDSERVER.exe (hash, Index and data)
4. Modify the plan, remove the problem datastore and connect to some temp location as destination for the plan.

(Note: Reason we follow this process is because if a datastore is pointed to any plan you will not be able to delete or modify the datastore.)

5. Delete the problem datastore from the UDP console - Resources – Recovery Point Server – Highlight the problem Datastore – right click and delete.

6. Manually copy the complete Index/Data Folder information from current location to new location.

7. Import the datastore with pointing the new index and data file location. Go to UDP console - Resources – Select Recovery Point Server - Action – Select Import Datastore.

8. Now, start the datastore.

9. Re-add the datastore as destination on same old Plans as mentioned in Step 4.

Now, try to run the backup on the datastore which has index and data location pointed to new location and check the result.
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    Michael Armstorfer

    Tried the above steps and copied the large Data Folder to another disk, but after step 7 I get following error:
    "Error: Failed to import the data store because the data consistency between the destination folder an the paths for the hash/data/index role do not match. Verify the paths point to the corresponding folder."

    I can import the old Datastore by pointing to the datastore.conf and the program recognizes all settings/paths. But it won't let me change the path to the new directory. Every time I get the above error. I've also tried to edit the datastore.conf file but then I can't import the datastore at all

    arcserve UDP 6.0update2

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    Hi Michael ,
    Thank You for sharing you feed back.
    Firstly, I would request you not to modify any datastore files manually unless requested by Arcserve Support team.
    Coming to the actual issue - did you copy the data using a 3rd party tool for consistency or was it transferred over network?
    Feel free to give us a call (link to Arcserve support numbers - and we can troubleshoot this issue.


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    Michael Armstorfer

    Hi Huzefa,
    I copied the data from one partition (e.g. F:\Datastorefolder1\Data) to a larger partition (e.g. G:\Datastorefolder1\Data) with the builtin Windows Explorer and tried to edit and/or import the datastore -> no success.
    If I tried to modify a datastore it seems that I can only change the Destination/Index/Hash paths, then arcserve UDP starts a builtin copy process from one directory to another. Every attempt to move/change the Data Destination ended with above mentioned errors.

    Nevertheless, in the end I deleted the whole datastore and built a new one. It took some time to gather 10TB of dedup data from nodes all over the network, but it was nearly as fast as the initial copy process via Windows Explorer.