arcserve-KB : Enable Application Restore - UDP Agentless ( Microsoft VSS inside VM)

Last Update: 2017-05-02 04:35:15 UTC

VMware Guest VM’s can be backed using two snapshot methods - VMware Tools & Microsoft VSS inside VM which is configured in the backup task:

VMware Tools

Indicates that Arcserve UDP uses the VMware tools for quiescing the virtual machine. If you have used the Microsoft VSS inside the VM option in the previous backup job, the first consequent backup job with this option requires the credentials to access the virtual machine. This is because Arcserve UDP removes necessary tools from the VM. In addition, VMware Tools needs to be installed and update to date in the VM.

Microsoft VSS inside VM

Indicates that Arcserve UDP uses Microsoft VSS in the guest OS for quiescing the virtual machine. It is applicable only for virtual machines with Windows guest OS. VMware tools must be installed in the guest OS and the tools must be updated. For VM which resides ESXi 4.x, VIX must be installed on proxy machine. When you use this option, the virtual machine must be powered on and it must be updated with the built-in administrator credentials.

When we backup a Windows Guest with using the second snapshot method by default , restore of Microsoft SQL/Exchange Databases is not possible.

  • To enable Microsoft SQL/Exchange Database restore please apply the below registry setting in the proxy configured in the Backup task : 
    • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CA\ARCserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\AFBackupDll\EnableVssAppSupport]=dword:00000001
  • This change allows to perform Microsoft SQL/Exchange Database restore for any recovery points created after making this change . 

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    Rafal Szymkowiak

    I don't understand when choose "VMware Tools" and when "Microsoft VSS inside VM"?