arcserve-KB : RO0000100 : UDP 5.0 : File copy job fails with error code 38

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:42:58 UTC

Problem Summary:

File copy job sometimes fails with following error message.
Failed to Replicate Volume for data file \\TS3400D9A8\UDPBackup\LJS-Server\VStore\S0000000050\Volume_C.FList Error 38

Products Affected:
Arcserve UDP . Affected release :5.0 update4;

Product Installation Instructions:

This fix requires arcserve UDP V5.0 Update4 to be installed.
1. Download
2. Install RO0000100.exe

Perform following steps after installing the fix.
1. Rename MergeMgr.exe present in $UDPHOME\Engine\Bin directory
2. Goto the backup destination location.
3. Move the *.ALCK files from backup destination and copy them to some temp location.
4. Copy ArchiveInfoDB.xml from backup destination to some temp location.
5. Open ArchiveInfoDB.xml, find the first BackupInfo entry with Status=7 from top which is nothing but a first failed file copy job entry.
6. Delete all BackupInfo entries starting from this entry.
7. For every BackupInfo entry found in step 5 (including this entry) repeat the below steps. ArchiveInfoDB.xml present in temp location is helpful here to identify the entries.       
   a) Get the Path value i.e. Path="F:\BackupDest\NodeName\VStore\S0000000001" from BackupInfo entry. Call it as SESSION_PATH
   b) Move *.FList and *.FList.Index files from SESSION_PATH location to some temp location
   c) Copy &ltSESSION_PATH\JS*.xml&gt to some temp location. Call it as TEMP_PATH.
   d) Generate the .Flist and .FList.Index files again
	i.  Open command prompt. Cd to directory "$UDPHOME\Engine\Bin"        
        ii. Run the below command:
   		CatalogGenerator.exe /CatScript &ltTEMP_PATH\JS_000000*.xml&gt /JobQType 2
   e) Verify *.Flist file is updated by checking the timestamp of the file. FList file is present in SESSION_PATH folder.
8. Rename back the MergeMgr.exe present in $UDPHOME\Engine\Bin directory

Related Fix List:
Fix (RO0000100 for product: Arcserve UDP release: 5.0 update4) is available please download and apply

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