arcserve-KB : How to Apply License Key for Arcserve Products

Last Update: 2018-06-25 18:58:27 UTC

Dear Customer,


Please find below the instructions to apply licenses for Arcserve Products.

This is applicable for Arcserve Backup r16.5 and earlier versions and UDP 5.0  and earlier versions


Arcserve Backup:

There are 2 ways of applying the license for Arcserve Backup:

  • Launch the Arcserve manager>Go to Help>About Arcserve Backup>Add/View License.

Select the component Name for which you need to apply the license.

Enter the license Key.

  • Go to C:\Program Files X86(if 64bit)\CA\Shared Components\CA_LIC\CALicnse.exe

Execute the CALicnse.exe and enter the license key, click on Add and hit OK.


Arcserve UDP:

Arcserve UDP Socket, Server, Managed Capacity License are to be applied on the console only by going to Help>Manage License.

UDP Workstation License to be applied via the CALicnse.exe

C:\Program Files X86(if 64bit)\CA\Shared Components\CA_LIC\CALicnse.exe


Arcserve Replication and High Availability:

Arcserve RHA license is to be applied on the RHA Manager.

Launch the RHA Manager> Go to Help>Register.


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    Georg Pohl |

    Mh, to what verison of ASBU and UDP does this article refer ?
    The LAST UPDATE is 2017-03-30.
    Does this mean this process is also valid for new versions asbu r17.5 and udp 6.5 ?
    Thought this is the historical processs.
    Please add Product versions to the article.

  • Avatar

    Hello George,

    Please find the License process below for the latest ASBU 17.5 the above is still good for the old version of arcserve Backup

    Activate Arcserve Backup License Online
    Important! This process is applicable only to Arcserve Backup r17.5 or later.
    To activate the older Agent versions of Arcserve Backup, refer to Licensing Arcserve Backup for Previous Versions of Agent.
    You can activate the Arcserve Backup online from Arcserve Backup manager, with access to internet.
    Note: If Arcserve Backup is not activated, a message is displayed on the top right corner.
    Follow these steps:
    Log into the Arcserve Backup Manager.
    Click Help.

    Multiple options appear in the drop-down list.
    From the Help drop-down list of options, click Arcserve Product Activation.

    From the Arcserve Product Activation, enter the following details:
    Email Address
    Specify your email address.
    Note: The verification email is sent to this email address.
    Specify your name.
    Specify the name of your company.
    Phone Number
    Specify your phone number in the following format:
    Country code - Phone number. For example: 000-1122334455
    Order ID
    Specify your Order ID.
    Note: You will receive Order ID through an email when you download/purchase Arcserve Backup.
    Fulfillment Number
    Specify the Fulfillment Number.
    Notes: You receive Fulfillment Number through an email when you download/purchase Arcserve Backup.
    Important! Product licensing / activation does NOT take place until you select the option I agree to Arcserve's collecting machine specific data as part of the activation process.
    Click Activate.
    A message confirms request is waiting for approval.
    Click OK on the acknowledgment message.
    A registration link is sent to your email.
    Open the email address that you provided for activation.
    You can view the Registration email from Arcserve.

    From the email, click the registration link.
    You are led to Arcserve registration page where Create a Password dialog appears with your email already entered.
    Note: To complete activation, from the link you need to create profile for Arcserve License Portal. To create profile, you need to enter a password and create one license pool.
    From Create a Password dialog, enter desired password to create your profile for Arcserve License Portal, and click Save.
    You are led to the License Pool dialog.
    Name a license pool, and provide the quantity of licenses to include in the pool.
    Note: You can add more licenses to the pool later, if required.
    Click Save to complete the License activation process.
    Arcserve License Portal login page opens. You can login when you need to manage your Arcserve product licenses.
    You have activated Arcserve Backup license. Now, you can verify the activated license.