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arcserve-KB : How to Apply License Key for Arcserve Products

Last Update: 2017-04-12 12:21:46 UTC

Dear Customer,


Please find below the instructions to apply licenses for Arcserve Products.


Arcserve Backup:

There are 2 ways of applying the license for Arcserve Backup:

  • Launch the Arcserve manager>Go to Help>About Arcserve Backup>Add/View License.

Select the component Name for which you need to apply the license.

Enter the license Key.

  • Go to C:\Program Files X86(if 64bit)\CA\Shared Components\CA_LIC\CALicnse.exe

Execute the CALicnse.exe and enter the license key, click on Add and hit OK.


Arcserve UDP:

Arcserve UDP Socket, Server, Managed Capacity License are to be applied on the console only by going to Help>Manage License.

UDP Workstation License to be applied via the CALicnse.exe

C:\Program Files X86(if 64bit)\CA\Shared Components\CA_LIC\CALicnse.exe


Arcserve Replication and High Availability:

Arcserve RHA license is to be applied on the RHA Manager.

Launch the RHA Manager> Go to Help>Register.


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  • Avatar
    Georg Pohl | neam.de

    Mh, to what verison of ASBU and UDP does this article refer ?
    The LAST UPDATE is 2017-03-30.
    Does this mean this process is also valid for new versions asbu r17.5 and udp 6.5 ?
    Thought this is the historical processs.
    Please add Product versions to the article.