arcserve-KB : P00000009 : 16.5 sp1: Backup on Clustered ONTAP 8.2 fails

Last Update: 2015-09-11 13:47:08 UTC

Problem Summary:

The following problem symptoms are seen for backup/restore of Cluastered ONTAP 8.2 : 
(1) "AE0275 <Vserver name>/<volume>(<ip address>) Failed to send backup job"

Cluster aware backup job fails with this message if the backup source is selected as follows : 
- Cluster management address is added as a NAS server node in backup manager
- Choose the volume which belongs to the node where the tape device isn't directlry attached (so the backup job will use 3-way backup.)

(2) "AE0060 Invalid drive specification(/<name>/<vol>)
AE0278 Failed to send restore of session <num> to server <ip address>. (ret 1)

These messages are recorded and the restore fails. This problem occurs if the release of clustered ontap 8.2 is other than NetApp Release 8.2P2. (ex. Release 8.2.2P1 etc.)

(3) "AE0274 Failed to connect to NDMP server <IP address> for backup. (ret 1)"

This message is recorded and the Filer to Server backup fails.

(4) Next tape is requested though data from all tapes have been restored in the job which restores from the FilerToServer backup session.

Products Affected:
arcserve Backup . Affected release :16.5.1;

Product Installation Instructions:

This fix requires arcserve Backup Release 16.5 SP1 to be installed.

1. Unzip the fix file

2. Launch P00000009.exe.

Related Fix List:
Fix (P00000009 for product: arcserve Backup release: 16.5.1) is available please download and apply.

Click here to download this patch.

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