arcserve-KB : Pre-requisites to download patches from Patch Manager

Last Update: 2017-02-08 09:33:49 UTC


This is to update Arcserve Patch manager by changing download links of Arcserve public patches from (AKAMAI) to (Limelight). 



Download the APMClient.XML and Commandbase.dll file.

  1. Click on the following link to download file.

  1. Extract the downloaded folder ( Folder contains one APMClient.xml file and CommandBase.dll.USA file specific to the version of Arcserve Backup you are using on your machine.

Replace the APMClient.xml file 

APMClient.XML needs to be replaced on both client and the staging server.

  1. Navigate to “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\CA\SharedComponents\APM\PatchManager” (64-bit machines) or “%ProgramFiles%\CA\SharedComponents\APM\Patch Manager” (32-bit machines).
  2. Replace the downloaded APMClient.XML file in place of existing APMClient.XML file at the above mentioned location.

Replace Commandbase.dll file on all the Patch Manager Clients and Staging Server 

  1. Navigate to the folder of the version of the Arcserve Backup you are using in the extracted folder (
  2. Rename the CommandBase.dll.USA file to CommandBase.dll.
  3. Stop the “CA ARCserve Backup Patch Manager” service from Windows Services.
  4. Replace the old CommandBase.dll file with the new CommandBase.dll file that you have renamed in Step 2 in the folder “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\CA\SharedComponents\APM\Patch Manager” (64-bit machines) or “%ProgramFiles%\CA\SharedComponents\APM\Patch Manager” (32-bit machines).
  5. Restart the “CA ARCserve Backup Patch Manager” service.

Configure the Staging Server

  1. Navigate to Control Panel, Administrative Tools and open IIS Manager on Staging Server and browse to Default Website.
  2. Right click on Default Website and add a virtual directory by clicking on Add Virtual Directory.
  3. In Alias text field type “PatchesRoot” and select the physical path as “C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\PatchesRoot” (64-bit machines) or “C:\Program Files \CA\SharedComponents\PatchesRoot” (32-bit machines).


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