arcserve-KB : PRIMECLUSTER configured on Linux VMs

Last Update: 2016-03-21 08:49:22 UTC

PRIMECLUSTER configured on Linux VMs is supported with arcserve Backup with below procedure.


Required arcserve Backup Configuration:

  1. Arcserve Backup Server
  2. VMware Proxy (Arcserve Agent for Virtual Machines to be installed)

Both of these can be on same server or different servers.


Below steps need to performed for backup of VMs:

  1. Make sure both the VMs that are part of PRIMECLUSTER are in Power on state and then perform VM population from VMware proxy.
  2. Power off the VM on which backup needs to be running and disconnect the cluster shared volume from this VM.
  3. Backup the VM in OFFLINE status with "raw mode" with disabling "Allow file level restore" option.
  4. Connect the cluster shared volume back after the successful completion of backup.


Below steps need to performed for restore of VMs:

  1. Before performing the restore, disconnect the clustered shared volume.
  2. Submit restore of VM by choosing below options
    1. Enable this option "Overwrite VMware VM" option if source VM is existing and disable this option "Overwrite VMware VM" if source VM does not exist
    2. Disable "Power on VMware or Hyper-V VM after restore" Option
  3. After successful restore, connect back the Cluster Shared Volume and then power on the VM.


Known Issues:

  1. MAC address of recovered VM might be different after restore.
  2. Backup and Restore of VMs is required to be performed on Passive Nodes only. To protect active node, Switch-over the VM from Active to Passive and then proceed with the steps provided for backup.
  3. VM might not boot up after restore procedure in some cases with error “An error occurred during file system check ". To work-around the problem, recreate the RDM disk.


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