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Last Update: 2017-04-04 00:40:06 UTC

Arcserve ALP License Update for Windows

Revision history

1.0 Overview

2.0 Operating System Support

3.0 International Support

4.0 Installation Prerequisites and Instructions

5.0 Known Issues

6.0 Download Links

7.0 Contact Technical Support

1.0 Overview

The installer for licensing works as it did in previous versions to install or upgrade licensing. Silent.exe invokes setup.exe to run in batch mode.

2.0 Operating System Support

Arcserve supports the following operating systems for the duration of their life cycle as determined by the operating system's manufacturer or until Arcserve announces that it is dropping support. For the latest information about supported operating systems, visit

The following provides information about the operating systems and minimum service packs supported by Arcserve Licensing.

2.1 Microsoft Windows

Note: Arcserve Licensing is the last supported version of licensing for Windows 98 and ME.

  • Microsoft Windows NT 4 SP6A
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • Microsoft Windows Vista and later

Note: Support for AMD and Itanium 64-bit platforms is included for Microsoft Windows XP and 2003.

3.0 International Support

An internationalized product is an English product that runs correctly on local language versions of the required operating system and required third-party products, and supports local language data for input and output. Internationalized products also support the ability to specify local language conventions for date, time, currency, and number formats.

A translated product (sometimes referred to as a localized product) is an internationalized product that includes local language support for the product's user interface, online help and other documentation including local language default settings for date, time, currency, and number formats.

In addition to the English release of this product, Arcserve supports only those languages listed in the following table.

Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)

Note: If you run the product in a language environment not listed in the table, you may experience problems.

4.0 Installation Prerequisites and Instructions

Shutdown all Arcserve applications and services running on your system and ensure lic98.dll or lic98_64.dll is not in use.

To install or upgrade Arcserve Licensing open a command prompt and type:

silent [drive letter] [-L LangID]

[drive letter] is optional and must be the first argument if passed.

[LangID] is < DE | EN | ES | FR | IT | JP | KO | PT | SC | TC >

If no argument is specified, the system drive will be used.


silent E -L EN //installs English to the E: drive

silent E //installs native system language to the E: drive

silent -L IT //installs Italian to the system drive

Note: The -L option is only supported in the localized standalone installer.

To install or upgrade CA Licensing silently, double-click silent.exe (silent.bat is no longer included).

5.0 Known Issues

Licensing does not support system dates beyond January 01, 2038.

6.0 Download Links


Language Minimum OS Supported Version File Size
English 32-bit Support:
Windows XP and later versions
64-bit Support:
Windows XP and later versions 35.2 MB
Localized 32-bit Support:
Windows XP and later versions
64-bit Support:
Windows XP and later versions 35.1 MB

7.0 Contact Technical Support

For online technical assistance and a complete list of locations, primary service hours, and telephone numbers, contact Support at

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