arcserve-KB : UDP Linux File level restore

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:49:02 UTC

Description: “The restore utility is not installed on the current backup server. As a result, you cannot perform a file restore”

Also you could verify if the restore utility in not installed from the UDP Linux backup server web UI as below screen shot.

Follow these steps:
1. Log in to the UDP Server as a root user.
2. Navigate to the bin folder using the following command: # cd /opt/CA/d2dserver/bin
3. Run the following command to install the restore-utility package: # ./configutility
A message is displayed prompting you to provide the path of the restore-utility package.
4. Provide the full path where you have downloaded the restore-utility package.
The installation begins. The restore-utility package is installed.

Restart the UDP Linux webservice after the installation.

Now you can restore at file level and also create Live CD, verify if restore utility installed navigating to home page of UDP Web interface.

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