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Operating System:    WINDOWS Solution No:    1
Confirmed Date:    11/15/2011 Updated Date:    12/01/2011
Component:    ARCSRV CENTRAL PRT MGR-ARCCPM Release:     16.0
Fix:    RI37865 Hyper:    No
Distribution Code:    AVAILABLE     


Problem Description
 CA Technologies
 CA ARCserve(R) Central Applications November 2011 Update Release Notes
 1.0 Welcome
 2.0 Prerequisite Tasks
 3.0 Updates
 4.0 Installation Instructions
 5.0 Contact CA
 1.0 Welcome
 Welcome to the CA ARCserve Central Applications November
 2011 Update Release Notes file. This Release Notes file
 contains important information about the November 2011
 2.0 Prerequisite Tasks
 Before you install this update, verify that the CA ARCserve
 Central Applications General Availability Release build is
 installed on the target servers.
 3.0 Updates
 This update lets CA ARCserve Central Applications do the
  * Integrate CA ARCserve Central Protection Manager with IT
  Management Server Tools: The CA ARCserve Central Protection
  Manager server monitors nodes where CA ARCserve D2D is
  installed. When the CA ARCserve Central Protection Manager
  server detects alert conditions from a server that is
  running a supported application, it sends the alerts to the
  Nimsoft or Kaseya agent that is installed on the CA
  ARCserve Central Protection Manager server. The Nimsoft or
  Kaseya agent then sends the alert messages immediately to
  the Nimsoft or Kaseya server. Nimsoft and Kaseya
  administrators can then perform remedial actions on the
  detected servers.
  CA ARCserve Central Protection Manager monitors alert
  conditions that originate from the following applications:
  * CA ARCserve D2D
  * CA ARCserve Central Protection Manager
  * CA ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup
  * CA ARCserve Central Virtual Standby
 4.0 Installation Instructions
 To install this update, do the following:
  1. Open CA ARCserve Central Protection Manager.
  2. From the top right corner of the Home Page, click Help, and
  then click Check for Updates.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install and apply the
  Note: For more information about updating CA ARCserve
  Central Applications, see the User Guide.
 5.0 Contact CA
 Contact Arcserve Technical Support
 For your convenience, CA Technologies provides one site
 where you can access the information you need for your Home
 Office, Small Business, and Enterprise CA Technologies
 products. At, you can access the
  * Online and telephone contact information for technical
  assistance and customer services
  * Information about user communities and forums
  * Product and documentation downloads
  * Arcserve Technical Support policies and guidelines
  * Other helpful resources appropriate for your product
 Providing Feedback About Product Documentation
 If you have comments or questions about CA Technologies
 product documentation, you can send a message to
 If you would like to provide feedback about CA Technologies
 product documentation, complete our short customer survey,
 which is available on the Arcserve Technical Support website at
  ctionManager.exe ebServer.exe

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