arcserve-KB : How to change the temporary location for arcserve UDP backup / snapshots

Last Update: 2016-03-21 08:49:17 UTC


Under disk full conditions the system might hang or failing / crashing during Backup / Snapshot generation.


 During backup of arcserve UDP the cache path to hold the backup snapshots is configured in the following order:

1. If arcserve UDP destination is on local machine and NO registry path is especially set 
    then the destination session path is used to store the cache path.
    if your backup destination is local drive E: the backup snapshot will be created on Drive E: into the backup destination path
2. If arcserve UDP destination is remote/local 
    if registry is set to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\AFStorHBAMgmt\CacheFilePath at some path
    like e:\temp then e:\temp is used as cache store path.
3. If arcserve UDP destination is remote
    user do NOT set any registry path then by default arcserve UDP_Home(Installation folder)/Bin/Temp is used to store cache path.
Configure the following registry to be able to move to another location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\AFStorHBAMgmt\
If "AFStorHBAMgmt" key does not exists, create the key.
Reg_SZ = CacheFilePath
Value = Path of the alternate location with sufficient free space.
More Information:
Please move the temporary location of the Backup / Snapshot path only to an alternate location when you are sure that the
reason for disk full condition is writing the arcserve UDP temporary content.
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