arcserve-KB : How to change HASH folder location for an RPS Deduplication Datastore to a different SSD drive

Last Update: 2018-07-12 15:06:45 UTC

In some customer's environments, who are utilizing arcserve UDP's deduplication feature, the existing SSD in a machine may not suffice to hold the HASH values for their unique data. In such situations there may be a need to change to a larger SSD.

With UDP Update 2 there is an easy process to migrate the existing hash on a small SSD to a new hash location on a larger SSD.

  • To modify the modify the RPS Datastore go to: Resources TAB, then under destinations select Recovery Point Servers, then highlight the Datastore in question and then click Actions, Modify:

  • As you can see in the screenshot below, the old hash path is: H:\RPS\Hash

  • Change the path for hash to point to a new drive letter and/or folder. (Note in this screenshot we are just using a new empty folder as an example)

  • After you have set the new path for the hash click on Save. You will then be prompted to confirm:

  • You will be informed of the estimated time to complete the hash copy and then asked to confirm again the operation.

  • Once confirmed, RPS datastore will be taken offline in order to complete the operation and you will see the copy progress indicated on top right.

  • After copy has completed, the RPS datastore will restart and you will see the status.

When the process is complete, your hash will now be located on the new folder or SSD drive and you should then be able to run backups normally and to add additional nodes to be protected.

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