arcserve-KB : "Failed to validate Backup Destination" while adding NFS as a Backup Storage on D2D Server.

Last Update: 2015-08-04 08:15:30 UTC

Error Message:

The following is the error message displayed while adding NFS as a Backup Destination on D2D Server.

'Failed to validate Backup Destination'


The above screen explains adding NFS as a Backup Storage on D2D server. You can also find the following errors in the webservice.log from /opt/CA/d2dserver/logs directory.

[ERROR] NativeFacadeImpl.validateNfs - fail to validate BackupLocation!

[ERROR] LinuximagingServiceImpl.convertServiceException2AxisFault - 12884901889

[ERROR] LinuximagingServiceImpl.convertServiceException2AxisFault - Failed to validate Backup Destination.


Go to Linux server where NFS is configured and ensure port 2049 for TCP and UDP is open in the iptables.

For example: Login as a root user, run the following commands to open the NFS port.

# iptables  -I   INPUT   -p    tcp  --dport    2049    -j     ACCEPT

# iptables  -I   INPUT   -p    udp --dport    2049    -j     ACCEPT

More Information:

NFS v4 by default works over TCP port, older versions of NFS works over UDP port. 

If you want to make changes to an iptables configuration, it is always good idea to save the current configuration by typing the following commands:

# iptables-save > /root/working.iptables.rules

Now, you can make any changes using command line.

To restore it use the command iptables-restore, enter: ( Incase something goes wrong )

# iptables-restore < /root/working.iptables.rules

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