arcserve-KB : "Write permission needed to continue" while adding NFS as Backup Storage.

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:38:22 UTC

Error Message:

The following is the error message displayed while adding NFS as Backup Storage to CA ARCserve D2D for Linux Server.

'Write permission needed to continue'


The above screen explains adding 'NFS' as Backup Storage for D2D backups. You can also find the following errors in the webservice.log and webui.log files under /opt/CA/d2dserver/logs directory.

[ERROR] LinuximagingServiceImpl.convertServiceException2AxisFault - 12884901895

[ERROR] LinuximagingServiceImpl.convertServiceException2AxisFault - Write permission is needed to continue.


While configuring NFS server, you must ensure the export options must be read/write and no root squashing for exported directory.

For example: 

Login as a root user, Open the NFS configuration file

#  vi  /etc/exports


In the above example, there is a directory in / partition named “nfs” is being shared with client IP “” i.e., any address with read and write (rw) privilege, you can also use specific network or hostname of the client in the place of IP in above example.

rw: This option allows the client server to both read and write access within the shared directory.

no_root_squash  -- This phrase allows root to connect to the designated directory.

More Information:

Root squashing is enabled by default and you need to disable it explicitly.

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