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arcserve-KB : arcserve Patch Manager 'Check for update' failed with Operation code: 502 (Bad Gateway).

Last Update: 2016-07-11 11:06:24 UTC

Error Message:

CA ARCserve Patch Manager 'Check for update' failed with Operation code: 502 (Bad Gateway).

CA ARCserve Backup 16.5
OS: Windows 2012 x64 Enterprise Edition.


Patch Manager unable to download or connect to ARCserve download server when server is configured to use proxy settings for internet connection. When clicked on 'Check for updates' button in patch manager GUI we get error :

'Checking updates for CA ARCserve Backup failed. Operation failed with code: 502. Please contact Arcserve technical support.'

In Patch Manager APM Log file we will see below entry:
Tue Dec 17 09:54:17 2013  [C]  [HTTP_DOWNLOADER]  FAILED: Internet Error Code : 502. Please contact CA Technical Support.
Tue Dec 17 09:54:17 2013  [E]  [HTTP_DOWNLOADER]  FAILED: Retrying Completed:Download Failed
Tue Dec 17 09:54:17 2013  [C]  [CHECKUPDATE]  FAILED: Download failed or: /capm/PatchesRoot/arcserve/AvailablePatchInfoDll.dll
Tue Dec 17 09:55:56 2013  [I]  [MANAGER_SERVICE]  FAILED: PMPatchStatus Xml File Not Found
Tue Dec 17 09:55:56 2013  [I]  [PRODUCT_MANAGER]  Is Not Installed. Not adding to the Schedulable Product List
Tue Dec 17 09:55:56 2013  [I]  [PRODUCT_MANAGER]  Check whether the current release of PatchManager is installed in this machine or not if CAPM is installed as staging server
Tue Dec 17 09:55:56 2013  [I]  [PRODUCT_MANAGER]  CAPM is not installed as Staging Server
Tue Dec 17 09:55:56 2013  [I]  [PRODUCT_MANAGER]  Check Whether CA ARCserve Backup Patch Manager:16::22222 Product is installed.


Check points to narrow down the problem:

Follow the below steps on the backup server where you have installed patch manager:

1) From the command prompt, first try to ping the website www.arcserve.com and it will time out.
2) If you try to ping www.google.com it will complete the ping request.
3) If you open www.arcserve.com and www.google.com websites in Internet Explorer, they would open successfully. However, the ping request time out appears for www.arcserve.com from command prompt.

To resolve this problem, you need to add the below websites in the proxy server web link addon. It will give access to these sites via proxy configuration and also allow them to connect from patch manager.

Once you have added these links, now try to re-open the CA ARCserve Patch Manager and click on 'Check for update' button. It will now display all available published patches for the current release of CA ARCserve backup.

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