arcserve-KB : VM Agent | AE0580 AE0577 quiesce errors backing up Virtual Machines | Vim25Api.ApplicationQuiesceFault

Last Update: 2017-03-03 12:48:14 UTC
 Error Message

AE0580 Failed to backup Virtual Machine [xxxx] on ESX/VC server[xxxx].
For more information refer backup job log available in the log folder under the client agent installation directory.

AE0577   Failed to create Virtual Machine Snapshot for the VM [xxxx] on ESX/VC server [xxxx]. For more information refer ca_vcbpopulatedb.log available in the log folder under the client agent installation directory.


The problem was found with the Virtual Machine quiesce and the following entries are seen in the ca_vcbpopulatedb.log :


 Snapshot creation failed for the VM xxxx
 Fault : Vim25Api.FilesystemQuiesceFault

 Snapshot creation failed for the VM xxxx
 Fault : Vim25Api.ApplicationQuiesceFault 


Take a manual snapshot of the vm using the option 'quiesce file system' using vcenter to determine where the problem is.

If the snapshot using vcenter is successful, then enable debug generate a CA Diagnostic Report and contact CA Technical Support to troubleshoot further.

If the snapshot using vcenter also fails then refer the following KB article '1009073' at or contact Vmware to investigate the cause.

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