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arcserve-KB : Add / View Licenses greyed out or disabled

Last Update: 2016-04-27 15:38:38 UTC


This document will help us  resolve  the problem where in we would see 'Add/View Licenses' button greyed  out and disabled. This problem is caused due to a corrupt installation of CA License module on the server.


  • Verify if the Ca License module is installed by browsing to the following directory
    • 64 bit servers: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC
    • 32 bit servers:C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC
  • If CA_LIC folder does  exist and if we have this problem then CA License module should be re-installed.
    • Open windows task manager and kill LogWatNT.exe and lic98Service.exe.
    • Rename CA_LIC folder.
    • Install CA License module.
  • Procedure for installation of  CA License module explicitly
    • Open the CA ARCserve  installation media or the the location where you copied the setup files.
    • Run \IntelNT\LICENSE\BaseLicInst.exe.
    • CA License module will be installed.
    • If CA License module  does not get installed at all  follow the below steps.
      • Browse to  C:\windows\Downloaded Installations\{CLASS ID}  ex-{3D52BE33-2E8C-4A39-BECF-878DD4D58252}
      • Run CALicense.exe
      • You will get Modify / Repair/ Remove => select remove using the wizard.
      • Re-run the executable and re-install Ca License Module.
  • Once the installation is complete Open the CA ARCserve manager.
    • Help -> About Ca ARCserve Backup.
    • Click On Add / View licenses.
      • If  the License Verification window opens then add the licenses add the the license keys.
      • If the License Verification window does not open and if we get a popup window with an error message saying 'The following error occurred 0X000014C9, 532.' (click here) . This is caused by an outdated license code file in the CA_LIC folder. This problem can be resolved by replacing lic_comp_codes.dat using the following procedure later in the document.

Steps to resolve  0X000014C9, 532 error:

  • Browse to CA_LIC folder  \CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC: Rename the file called 'lic_comp_codes.dat' to 'lic_comp_codes.dat.old'
  • From the CA ARCserve installation Media Copy \IntelNT\LICENSE\LICENSE\lic_comp_codes.dat to CA_LIC folder.
  • Reopen the CA ARCserver Backup Manager  -> Help -> About Ca ARCserve Backup -> Click on Add / View Licenses

Procedure to add license keys:

  • Select the component name
  • Select radio button 'Use License Key ' and enter the key and click on Add.
  • Verify the license count.

Procedure to verify license count.

Help -> About CA ARCserve  Backup -> Manage Licenses

  • Active Licenses : Number of licenses in use for a component.
  • Available Licenses: Number of licenses purchased and not used for component.
  • Total Licenses:( Active Licenses + Available Licenses) for a component
  • Licenses Needed: The License keys needed to be added or trial licenses must have been expired for that component.

Important:- Ca Technologies has a dedicated team to support licensing issues. The license issues need to be reported to Ca License team.

Procedure to Report License issues:-

A Scope of a License key  CA ARCserve license keys for a specific version's components are not applicable for the same components for other versions.

ex- License keys for R 16 are not applicable for R 15, R 12.5 etc

B Product Service pack upgrades: CA ARCserve license keys for a particular version are applicable for all its subsequent service pack releases.
     ex :- R 15 licenses are applicable for R 15 sp1 and R 16 licenses for 16 sp1
C Product Upgrades to higher version: The customers under maintenace are entitled for a free upgrade to the latest version of  CA ARCserve release. Customers are requested to request for new license keys.   click here to open a issue with Ca License Team.
D Maintenance Renewal:   If a customer is not under maintenance and if  the maintenance needs to be  renewed or if the customer needs to buy the licenses for  the
components they need to contact CA Reseller/ CA Partners
E Invalid License key/ License Expired:   If have a valid license for a specific version of  CA ARCserve is entered and if it still does not
accept  license keys  click here to open a issue with Ca licensing.
F Understanding CA Licensing:  For understanding 'CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Licensing and Registration'  click here

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