arcserve-KB : Antivirus Process and Folder Exclusions for arcserve Backup

Last Update: 2016-08-12 19:53:28 UTC

Description:Antivirus Process and Folder Exclusions for ARCserve Backup


You need to exclude the following processes from within the Antivirus program you are using.

Refer to the products documentation for details specific to the Antivirus in use on your system.

  • carunjob.exe
  • dbaexchr.exe
  • cadiscovd.exe
  • casdscsvc.exe
  • UnivAgent.exe
  • ntagent.exe
  • OFANT.exe
  • OFAWIN.exe
  • dbasvr.exe
  • msgeng.exe
  • Catirpc.exe
  • tapeeng.exe
  • jobeng.exe
  • Caloggerd.exe

Depending on how your system has been configured, not all processes may be running

Folder Exclusion

C:\Program Files\CA - for 32 BIT Machines.

C:\Program Files(x86)\CA - for 64 BIT Machines.

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