arcserve-KB : Limitations in protecting VMware View using arcserve Backup

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:00:23 UTC

The following limitations affect backing up and restoring VMware View virtual machines using the CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Virtual Machines.

  1. CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Virtual Machines supports backing up VMware View full virtual machines

  2. VMware View creates linked clone virtual machines with base snapshots. However, VMware cannot provide used blocks for virtual machines with snapshots present. As a result, full backups of linked clone virtual machines include the used and unused blocks of data.

  3. The process of recovering virtual machines (RecoverVM) restores the linked clone virtual machines as individual virtual machines instead of linked clone virtual machines.

  4. The agent cannot back up data that resides on the independent disks associated with VMware View linked clone virtual machines. You can expect this behavior because VMware does not support including independent disks in virtual machine snapshots. As a result, the independent disks are skipped during the backup.

    As a solution to this behavior(4), you can specify the option 'Do not Redirect Windows Profile' when creating linked clone virtual machines(from VMware View console). With this option, the independent disks are not created and VMware View does not redirect the Windows profiles. By selecting this option, VMware View stores the Windows profiles on operating system disks. When Windows profiles are stored on operating system disks, the profiles are susceptible to loss of data when performing various View Composer operations such as refresh, recompose, and rebalance.


    1. The independent disks usually contain data such as temp files and folders, the Windows pagefile, and so on. However, the independent disks can also contain user data.

    2. Independents disks will be backed up with 'Use Client agent for Windows' option is selected from backup Global Options. Whereas Independent disks backup is skipped when VDDK approach is selected.
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