arcserve-KB : arcserve RHA Bare Metal Recovery – Avoiding 72 Hour Reboot with WinPE

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:47:40 UTC

Full System HA is application-independent and lets you transfer an entire production machine, including all system status information, to a virtualized machine running on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen or an EC2 instance on Amazon Web Services.

New Bare Metal Recovery provides easy switchback to production site while minimizing scheduled downtime and service disruption. It supports Bare Metal Recovery to same or DISSIMILAR hardware or VM.

The Bare Metal Recovery procedure utilizes Microsoft Windows PE to provide a recovery environment in order allow restore of entire system back to a physical machine. To prevent its use as a pirated operating system, Windows PE automatically stops running the shell and reboots after 72 hours of continuous use. This time period is not configurable.


In certain cases where large amount of data needs to be sync back to production, the recovery time may exceed 72 hours. In such conditions and only for use of recovery, the following procedure may be utilized to overcome the 72 hour time limit.

  • Obtain a copy of PSSUSPEND.EXE from Windows Sysinternals website (
  • Copy it to USB/Floppy disk and connect to the physical machine 
  • Start command line under WinPE
    • In order to start a command line window in BMR screen, click on Utilities -> Run
    • In the Run dialog, type CMD and hit Enter or click OK
    • In the Command Line Window navigate to the drive/directory where you have pssuspend.exe


  • Run command “pssuspend.exe winlogon.exe”

This should prevent automatic WinPE reboot and allow recovery of a full-system that exceeds a duration of 72 hours.

Note: The BMR window will continue to count down, but once it reaches zero the reboot does not happen.

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