arcserve-KB : How to move existing SQL database of CPM from one location to another

Last Update: 2016-11-23 16:48:47 UTC


This document provides the steps to move SQL database of arcserve D2D central application  from one location to another, this would be useful in situations where if we run out of disk space scenarios.


1.       Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to CPM DB instance {local}\arcserve_app

2.       Right click the database ARCAppDB->Tasks->Detach

3.       In the popup window, press OK, The database will disappear from the Database tree

4.       Find the detached files in your original database location. Like:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.ARCSERVE_APP\MSSQL\DATA . There should be two files with name like: arcappDB_******.ldf and arcappDB_******.mdf.  Copy them to the location you want store them.

5.       For example, Copy them to the new drive, like D:\ARCAPPDB_File\

6.       Attach the database back to the instance. Right click the Database folder->Attach

7.       Click Add button in the next popup window

8.       Browse to the folder your moved, the. Mdf file should be displayed

9.       Press OK to finish the location change.

10.   Access to CPM console as usual

The above will help us to move the CPM database from location to another location on the same server , incase if there a situation arise where we want to move the DB to different server , still the same steps as above would apply where the destination would be on the remote server.Once done , we need to run the CPM database configuration to point to new SQL server (CPM UI configuration -> Database Configuration )

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