arcserve-KB : RI37861 :16.0 UPDATE 2: ARCSERVE D2D R16.0 UPDATE 2

Last Update: 2016-11-23 13:02:23 UTC

Solutions Details
Operating System:    WINDOWS Solution No:    4
Confirmed Date:    11/15/2011 Updated Date:    11/21/2011
Component:    ARCSERVE D2D-CAD2D Release:     16.0
Fix:    RI37861 Hyper:    No
Distribution Code:    AVAILABLE     


Problem Description
 Update includes several modifications and enhancements to improve the quality
  and performance of ARCserve D2D r16.0:
 Issues Fixed
 - This update fixes a problem with backup jobs failing if a previous
 backup attempt was cancelled at the beginning of the job. This problem
 was caused by ARCserve D2D trying to remove the previous
 incomplete backup session at the same time that the next backup job is
 trying to launch.
 - This update fixes a problem with the BMR process ending unexpectedly
 if some files from a backup session data are locked by another process.
 This problem was caused by another issue when log messages are
 printed and has now been fixed.
 - ARCserve D2D has been enhanced to better integrate with ARCserve RHA.
 - If merge/purge operation stops in the middle for any reason, this
 enhancement now lets you recover files from sessions which are visible
 on the ARCserve D2D UI. As a result, you can also perform BMR from
 sessions which are visible on the BMR UI without continuing the
 merge/purge operation and helps you save recovery time.
 - When file level recovery/BMR is being performed, if some of the files
 are occupied/locked by another process (for example a CA ARCserve
 RHA replication), this enhancement now causes the job to fail and an
 error message will be logged into the Activity Log to inform you that
 certain files are not accessible.
 Known Issues:
 The following issues related to ARCserve D2D are known to exist in this up
 - If the merge/purge process fails, then the Full backup size displayed on
 the "Protection Summary" portion of the homepage will be incorrect.
 This problem will be rectified automatically when the next successful
 merge/purge operation is completed.
 Design Limitations:
 The following design limitations related to scenarios that involve the CA
 ARCserve D2D integration with ARCserve RHA are known to exist in this
 - If the ARCserve D2D backup destination is configured to a NAS
 share, then ARCserve RHA integration is not supported.
 - Changing of ARCserve D2D backup destination is not supported for
 RHA integration.
 - For a host-based VM backup destination, you must configure a
 replication scenario for each VM backup destination.
 - If the replication scenario is stopped and if merge/purge happens on
 the host-based backup destination, then the full sync will occur after the
 scenario restarts.
 - During the merge/purge process, if you attempt to submit a restore of
 files or a BMR from the same session where merge/purge is being
 performed, then the restore/BMR operation will fail. Corresponding
 error message will be shown in the activity log.
 - If multiple ARCserve D2D servers are using the same network share
 as their backup destination, then you must configure a separate scenario
 for each ARCserve D2D server.
 - When ARCserve RHA initiates a synchronization or
 resynchronization process between the master and replica, the data on
 the replica is not guaranteed to be in a consistent state. Therefore, any
 ARCserve D2D backup cannot be restored from the replica until any
 synchronization or resynchronization has successfully completed.
 The update can be downloaded from location:
 The latest BMR ISO image can be downloaded from location:

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