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arcserve-KB : Backup to Staging File System Device ( FSD) Fail with E3712/E3719 Unable to close session. (EC=COMMAND ABORTED) -E3719 servername Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=<date> [S/N: ],EC=COMMAND ABORTED)

Last Update: 2017-04-21 06:14:25 UTC

Error Message:

E3712  Unable to close session. (EC=COMMAND ABORTED)
E3719  Unable to write to media. (MEDIA= [S/N: ],EC=COMMAND ABORTED)


Staging backup job to File System Device ( FSD) fails with the error mentioned above.


Enabled tape engine log in debug and ran backup again.

As per activity log :


E3712      Unable to close session. (EC=COMMAND ABORTED)
E3719       Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=10/23/13 8:45 PM [S/N: ],EC=COMMAND ABORTED)
From the Tape Log :
[02/27 07:21:36 3eb0  2 WD   485   486   4] FsdGetDeviceFreeSpace::Failed to query the free space of FSD device. [Path=G:\DailyBackups\Wednesday\, MS=21]
[02/27 07:21:36 3eb0  2 WD   485   486   4] RM_SCSIO::SCSI_WRITE::Failed to get the free space of FSD device [G:\DailyBackups\Wednesday\]. [MS=21]

Since the tape logs shows that there is not enough space available on disk to complete the backup job

1] Verify space on the drive where the FSD is configured and as it was less.

2] Suggest to free up some space on the disk and reduce the number of weeks to purge data.

More Information: 

The backup to a Staging FSD failing with E6084/E3712/E3719


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  • Avatar
    Guillermo Fink

    Hi, i got the error Unable to write to media EC=COMMAND ABORTED and then the Unable to close session COMMAND ABORTED but, this is the log file that i got:
    [02/09 11:12:55 0d80 1 WD 2645 2646 5] UnExpected SCSI Error ==> JobID[2645], Device[3], ABSL[3 0 4 0], SN[HUJ52642H9], CMD[ah], [Tagged Overlapped Commands (nn = Task Tag)], ASC[4d], ASCQ[1c]
    [02/09 11:12:55 0d80 3 WD 2645 2646 5] =>ABSL:3040 - Returning status[2]

    any ideas ? Thanks !

  • Avatar
    Omar Abu-Affar

    syntax format [driveletter:] /FS:NTFS /L does not work on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
    Instead you can use format [driveletter:] /A:4096 /L /Q