arcserve-KB : EM00166 Unable to connect to server; connection refused by remote engine

Last Update: 2015-09-04 17:39:11 UTC

Error Message:

EM00166 Unable to connect to server; connection refused by remote engine



Scenario failed to start with error EM00166 Unable to connect to server because the connection refused by engine.



  • Under scenario management, check status of server (master or replica), if it has red x and status showing disconnected. If the server is shown as disconnected highlight the server in the Scenarios window and check the server properties (click on properties tab). Check Host Connection properties and make sure that it has the correct IP address
  • Check if the server is pingable (if ICMP ping requests are not blocked by Firewall)
  • Remote into the server which had status disconnected in scenario. Goto Windows services, check if CA ARCserve RHA engine service is running or not. If CA ARCserve RHA engine service not running, then try starting it.
  • If CA ARCserve RHA engine service already running, then check if the port 25000 used by RHA engine is open in a Firewall and it is accessible from other servers 
  • To check port status: open command prompt on another server and type following
    Telnet <machine name or IP address>  25000

    Check that telnet can connect to this server port 25000.  If telnet cannot connect when running it from a remote server, run this command locally on the server itself and check if telnet can connect to port 25000. If telnet connects to port 25000 when running locally on the server but it cannot connect when running telnet from a remote host the connection is either blocked by a firewall or there is a routing problem to this server.

    On Windows 2008 Telnet client is not installed by default. To install it go to Server Manager, Features, Add Feature, select Telnet Client and proceed with installation instructions.
  • If  CA ARCserve RHA engine running on the server and runnnig telnet from another machine you can connect it check the version of CA ARCserve RHA engine file. Go to CA ARCserve RHA installation folder, by default

    C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve RHA\Engine

    and check the version of ws_rep.exe file. Make sure that that the version of the file matches the version of the file on other servers that are not shown as disconnected.
  • Try to restart CA ARCserve RHA engine service on the server shown as disconnected.
  • If neither of the above steps help to restore the connection try to reboot the server
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