arcserve-KB : arcserve RHA R 16 Sp 2 Know Issues

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:24:50 UTC

Description: CA ARCserve RHA R 16 Sp 2 Know Issues

The following issues are known to exist in this release R 16 Sp 2

  • If you are unable to reset the CA ARCserve RHA interface back to the default after rearranging panels using the dock manager, perform the following steps:
    • Find the running directory for the ws_gui.exe file.
    • Close the interface.
    • In this directory, delete the following files: dock_layout.xml, dock_layoutdefault.xml.
    • Relaunch the interface.

    The interface arrangement is returned to the default layout.

  • Rewind is not supported for applications that use TxF functionality (IIS 7.0)
  • When remotely installing the CA ARCserve RHA Engine on Windows Server 2008 systems, installation fails if you log into the Control Services as local system. To avoid this, use a Domain Admin account to access the Control Service.
  • When you use the Switch Computer Name redirection method on computers running Windows Server 2008 R2, you must manually rejoin the Master server to the domain after failover takes place.
  • When a NetBIOS server name is longer than 15 characters, the CA ARCserve RHA Manager may fail to launch from the Overview screen if a proxy is set in Internet Options. The proxy server can only resolve DNS names, not NetBIOS names.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • In SQL Server scenarios, the cluster server name is changed after switchover, but the server is not rebooted even if the reboot property is set.
  • Do not install SQL data files at the root directory of boot volumes such as C:\. During replication, the target files may fail to open on the Replica server, causing errors.
  • Assured Recovery scenarios fail on SQL Servers running in a workgroup. This is because:
    • The Replica local admin account is overwritten by the Master local admin account in the Master database.
    • The application uses Windows authentication to log into SQL Server.

    To avoid this problem, use SQL authentication or switch computer name redirection method.

Full System Protection

  • Full System scenarios do not support Dynamic disks on the Master server.
  • For Citrix Xen scenarios, we are unable to unmount a disk on a virtual machine when files stored on the disk are in use.
  • Depending on your Windows license type, you may need to reactivate your virtual machines after Full System Assured Recovery or switchover. Visit the Microsoft website for more information about reactivation policies.
  • In 'mixed environments' in which supported and unsupported versions of ESX are managed by a vCenter Server, full system scenarios may fail because VMDK cannot be mounted on the appliance specified. To avoid this situation, verify all versions of ESX in your environment are supported.
  • When performing a restore process for a Full System scenario, manually stop the application services on the Master or that application may become corrupt after restore. If the application is corrupted after a restore, stop the application services, restore to the same bookmark again to solve the problem.

CA ARCserve RHA for MMC

  • The MMC may fail to connect to the license server under these conditions:
    • The default HTTP or HTTPS proxy is configured on the same host where the MMC is running.
    • The address of the license server is not in the proxy bypass list.
    • The proxy requires authentication to access the website.
    • The Windows account does not have the required privileges to access the proxy, which means the current MMC user is not authorized to use the proxy.

    To avoid this situation, do the following:

    • Specify the Control Service server in the HTTP proxy bypass list.
    • Remove the HTTP proxy configuration in Internet Explorer so the MMC can connect directly to the Control Service.
    • Authorize the current user to access the HTTP proxy server.
  • Note that the MMC connects to the Control Service with Windows Internet Configuration automatically; this setting can be changed by third-party applications.
  • CA ARCserve RHA Disk Resource does not ensure data integrity across multiple volumes in a Microsoft Failover Cluster. For applications that require data integrity between data sets, all data must be hosted on a single volume.
  • You may create CA ARCserve RHA Disk Resources only on the node that owns the cluster. For example, for cluster nodes A, B, C, and D where node A owns the cluster, Disk Resources can be created only on Node A.

Oracle Solaris 11

Before you create a scenario with the Move IP redirection method for Solaris 11, set related NIC/IP addresses to the manual mode inSolaris.


  • For any file operations on the root directory of the master, you must either disable SeLinux or change the SeLinux security context.

Microsoft Windows 2003

  • When a Replica server is Windows 2003 and the Master server is Windows 2008 or higher, you can get the following error. This error is because Windows 2003 does not support Hard Links or Transactional NTFS (TxF) file system operations.
    Unable to execute event Create hard link for \\?\Volume{b8262eac-30ac-11e1-959c-000c29f6edbe}/<a-file-path> : Access is denied.(5)
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