arcserve-KB : Unable to find arcserve RHA Counters under Performance Monitor Counters

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:24:33 UTC


There are instances where user cannot find 'CA ARCserve RHA' Counters under Performance Monitor Counters on the Master and Replica Servers.


If the user does not see the 'CA ARCserve RHA' Counters under Performancce Monitor Counters, please do the following:

Go to the Command Prompt and change the folder to CA ARCserve RHA Engine Folder (Default location C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve RHA\Engine)

Run the command 'lodctr wsperf.ini' to install Counters for CAARCserveRHAEngine

After running about the command, run the command 'lodctr /R' to rebuilt performance counter settings


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