arcserve-KB : After doing an AR test on the master you then start the backwards scenario and get: "security attributes on host <master> are incorrect"

Last Update: 2016-04-27 12:31:52 UTC

Error Message: 'security attributes on host   are incorrect'


Description:  You have done a switchover to the replica then synchronized from the replica to the master, you then did an assured recovery test on the master.  Now when you start the reverse scenario again you see the warning: 'security attributes on host are incorrect'

The reason this occurs is because your scenario uses dns redirection and when we make the replica active we must move most of the master's service principal names (SPNs) in active directory to the replica.  When the application is brought online on the inactive master it re-registers some of it's service principal names back.  So when you start the reverse scenario and we check each host to make sure they have the correct service principal names we find that the inactive master has some that it should not, so that is why we report that warning.


Solution:  This issue was resolved with patch T5LF139, this is a 16.1.1 patch but it was included in the first release of 16.1.2, so the easist way to get and apply this patch is to download and upgrade to 16.1.2. 

Another solution to make this error go away would be to use 'tools' then 'recover active server', then when the box comes up click 'make replica active'.  This will remove the service principle names from the master that are causing this warning.  Make sure to only try this method if the replica server is still active, recover active server is only available when the scenario is stopped.

More Information: 16.1.2 is available here:


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