arcserve-KB : Exchange scenario verification errors "Unable to start schedule database integrity test on the host"

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:51:36 UTC

Error Message:

Error: 'Unable to start schedule database integrity test on the host'


Exchange scenario verification might Error: 'Unable to start schedule database integrity test on the host' due to mismatch in exchange database on replica with master server.



  • Check if exchange database folders existing in replica server.
  • If there is already exchange database folders in replica server, then delete exchange folder on replica and try creating a new scenario.
  • Check CA ARCserve RHA engine account and CA ARCserve RHA helper services are using domain admin user accounts.
  • The user account used for RHA engine service should have full control on Exchange database and must be member of Exchange organization group.
  • Also verifiy that there are no errors in the ws_helper.log files from the Replica host. If you see errors then there could be a problem with the return of the powershell commands within the ws_helper.Try stopping this service.
  • Verify within Exchange management console on both Master and Replica servers that the Replica Databases show that they have the exact same Log Prefixes, directory structure and also configuration settings. This can also be done within ADSIEDIT.MSC. 
  • Finally try creating a new exchange scenario.
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