arcserve-KB : Spool directory on Replica is filled up and scenario stops

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:20:05 UTC
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Title:  Spool directory on Replica is filled up and scenario stops


The spool directory on the Replica fills and the CA XOsoft r12.5/r12.5 scenario stops. Error: 'Spool Limit Exceeded, scenario Stopping'


Several factors can cause Spool Growth on the Replica server:

  1. Synchronization is in progress. CA XOsoft R12.5 and r12.0 caches Replication Files in the spool directory on the Replica server while the scenario is in synchronization mode. These replication files represent the data changes which are occurring on the Master (Active) server while synchronization is in progress. Once synchronization is completed, the replication files cached in the XOsoft Spool directory are applied to the data files on the Replica server.
  2. There is high Disk IO on the data directory on the Replica server. Disk IO is causing disk writes to queue, forcing the replication files to begin caching in spool waiting for sequential access to the disk subsystem in order to apply the data changes to the files on disk. To resolve consider running Perfmon Counters to review Disk IO. consider moving spool to a volume which has relatively low Disk IO. It is not recommended to place the XOsoft Spool on the same volume where the data files are located. In the case of an application server such as Exchange, SQL, Oracle, etc) the Spool should not be placed on a volume that contains either the DB files or the Transaction logs.
  3. Real-time Antivirus scanning will be forced to filter every replication file before applying the change to the data file. This will cause a bottleneck and will cause replication files to cache in spool on the Replica server. Make sure to exclude the XOsoft Spool directory from AV scanning on all hosts involved in replication.


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