arcserve-KB : “Unable to execute event Write … To many open files (24)”

Last Update: 2015-09-08 02:26:36 UTC

Error Message:  Unable to execute event Write … To many open files (24)


Description:  You are running an RHA scenario on Linux servers and get the message above that one of the hosts has exceeded the amount of open files limit.  (the host that has the error/issue is listed to the left of the error message in the RHA events pane)



1. Stop the rha scenario(s) for the host with the error

2.  Stop the rha engine service on this server

3.  Next you will need to edit a script in this location:  /etc/init.d/ARCserveRHA

4. Next add the line:  ulimit -n 10240  

5. Then start the rha engine service back up and resync

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