arcserve-KB : "Unable to Create Root Directory" Error

Last Update: 2015-08-24 06:22:40 UTC

XOSOFT Replication: 12.0, 12.5

Last Modified Date:    03/08/2010
Document ID:    TEC509658
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Title:  Database scenario does not start: 'Unable to Create Root Directory' Error.


A CA XOsoft scenario fails to start with the following error:

'Unable to create root directory <Drive>:\<Directory Path> The system cannot find the path specified (3)'.


The full paths (including drive letter) on the source and target servers must match identically in ALL High Availability (HA) scenarios as well as any Disaster Recovery (DR)* for Applications (e.g. Exchange, SQL, IIS) which has Assured Recovery enabled. Only the Root drives and directories defined for replication in a CA XOsoft scenario need to be present on the Replica server.

This error indicates that there is a drive letter on the master defined for replication which doesn't exist on the replica server. Only DR scenarios without Assured Recovery Enabled can modify the target drive letter or path to be different.

*Disaster Recovery scenarios are replication only with no High Availability properties.

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