arcserve-KB : CR00015 Root directory does not exist

Last Update: 2015-07-07 07:26:58 UTC

Error Message:

CR00015 Critical Root directory \\CMTSERVER/Backups does not exist.


Scenario fails if RHA is unable to connect to the master root directory.


  • Remote into the master server ex: \\CMTSERVER and check if the root directory exists.
  • If the root directory is in a shared folder on a NAS, access the UNC path from start\run and check if it resolves.
  • If you are unable to access the UNC path, then try to ping the remote machine and check if it's getting a reply.

              Ex: Ping CMTSERVER

  • If the ping with the server name does not resolve, then try to ping using the IP address.
  • If the root directory is in a NAS box, then try to access it using the admin account and password.
  • Check if the RHA user account has permission on the NAS box. If not, try adding the permission to the account in NAS console.


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