arcserve-KB : "CR00006 Spool directory (spool path) is inside root directory (root directory path)"

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:56:25 UTC

Error Message:  'CR00006 Spool directory (spool path) is inside root directory (root directory path)'


Description:  You are attempting to run your scenario when you get an error that your spool path for your master, replica, (or both servers) is contained inside one of your root directories.  It is not ok to setup RHA to either replicate the active servers spool or try to overwrite and replicate to the inactive server's spool.  Follow the instructions below to check where spool is on each server then make sure that directory is not contained in any of your root directories. 




First check your master and replica spool paths:
  1. In the RHA manager expand your scenario in the left hand pane and click on the master
  2. In the right hand pane click on the properties tab, then expand 'spool'.
  • Take note of the path to the right of 'spool directory'.  If it says '[INSTALLDIR]/tmp/spool' this means spool is located in the installation location of RHA on that server.  RHA will be default install to the c drive in program files\ca\ARCserve rha\engine and the spool folder is inside the engine directory in a folder called 'tmp'. 
  • After determining the master's spool location and taking note of it click on the replica in the left hand pane then repeat steps 2 - 3 and take note of the replica's spool location.

      *It is also important


Next we need to look at the 'Root Directories' tab in the right hand pane of the RHA scenario and make sure the master and replica's spool paths are not contained in any of the paths we are asking RHA to replicate to or from.

  1. In the right hand pane click on the root directories tab
  2. In the left hand pane click on the replica.  This way the root directories tab will show where we are replicating from and where we are replicating to
  3. Review the paths listed and make sure they do not contain the spool location for the master or replica
  4.  Since my spool location is default for both servers and because RHA is installed on my C drive for both servers this means my spool paths are not contained inside any of my root directories. 

5. I would also like to give an example of a situation where you need to change either a spool path or the path of one of your root directories.  If I had spool on my master in d:\data\more data\spool and I was replicating d:\ from the master to d:\ on the replica this type of setup would produce the error that my master's spool path is contained in the root directory path.  To resolve this I could either move spool to another volume or modify my root directory and just replicate the folders on the D drive that I need.  If I need to replicate the d:\data\more data folder then I could select this 'more data' during scenario creation and then on the right hand side I can uncheck the subfolder 'spool' so that it is not replicated. 


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