arcserve-KB : While trying to start an exchange scenario you receive an error that a user's mailbox is homed on the inactive exchange server

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:57:16 UTC

Error Message: While trying to start an exchange scenario you receive an error that a user's mailbox is homed on the inactive exchange server, it may appear something like this:  'Exchange User Mailboxes are homed on both the host 1 and host 2.'


Description:You are trying to run a forward exchange scenario (where the master is active) or a backward exchange scenario (where the replica is active) and you receive an error indicating the inactive exchange server has at least one mailbox homed on it.  This means at least 1 user's profile is homed on the inactive server.  Sometimes when an admin is doing testing with a mail profile they might move their account to an inactive mail server.  RHA has an easy way to resolve this type of error.



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The following steps should be followed in order to resolve this type of error:
  1. Determine which server is the active server mail server.  The way that RHA determines which server is active is by checking the master's dns a-record (in DNS on a DNS server), if it has the master's IP then the master is active, if the master's a-record has the replica's IP then the replica is active.  The active exchange server should also have the exchange information store service running and the majority of users mail profiles should be homed on that server in AD. 
  2. Once you have determined which mail server is active go to the RHA manager, click on the stopped exchange scenario, click on the 'tools' menu, then click on 'recover active server'.
  3. Once the box comes up at the bottom you will see a couple options: 'make master active' and 'make replica active'.
  4. If you master is currently the active server click on 'make master active', if the replica is active click on 'make replica active'.
  5. RHA should then go ahead and move any mail accounts homed on the inactive server to the active server and please note this will not effect production email, this can be done during normal business hours.  This process is complete when you see the message: 'finished making active'
  6. You should then hit the run button for the scenario and you should no longer see the error that a mailbox is homed on the inactive server.
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