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Title:  CA ARCserve RHA Engine remote install and local install errors involving Windows error code 1720


Remote installation results in the following error 'Host: <Hostname> - Status: Error - Unable to get information about installed CA ARCserve RHA Engine service version'. This leads to a Windows Installation error code of 1720 on the target server. Installing locally on the target server results in a 1720 Windows Installation error code.

Windows Server 2008 in a domain.


  1. On the Domain Server, the Domain Admin account may not be a member of the Administrators Built-in Group.
  2. WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) may be corrupt. CA ARCserve RHA installs process queries the Services on the target server to check for any previous versions. This is handled by the WMI. During installation, when we register our Engine service, this is done through the WMI. Should the WMI become corrupt for any reason, the install process will be halted and access to the services upon query or register will be denied by the OS. The owner of WMI is a manual service called TrustedInstaller which, while it does not show up in services.msc, it shows up in Windows Task Manager on the Services tab. Microsoft created TrustedInstaller to protect various critical parts of the OS.

Additional Information:
Windows Management Instrumentation overview -


Perform the following steps:

  1. On the Domain Server, go to Administrative Tools and open the Active Directory Users and Computers. Expand the Domain name and select Users. Check that the Domain Admin is there. If so, double click on it and select 'Member Of' tab. This will list the Domain Admins and Administrators. There you should see Administrators under Name and under its Active Directory Folder you should see <Domain Name>/Built-in. If the Built-in Administrators for the Domain is not listed there, you need to Add it.

    Figure 1

    Once this is done, try the install again. Should the install fail again, go to step 2.
  2. Check the permissions to see who is the owner for <Windows Drive and Installation Directory>\system32\wbem\wbemdisp.dll. Right click and select Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Owner. The owner (via default install and permissions unchanged after installation) should be 'TrustedInstaller'.

    Figure 2

    If it is, check to see if this service is running. Go to Task Manager, select Services tab and go down to TrustedInstaller. This is a manual service and it is started when it is needed, but try starting it and if it starts successfully, try a local install and see if that works. Should this not work or if TrustedInstaller is NOT the owner of wbemdisp.dll, proceed to step 3.
  3. Click on Start -> Run -> msinfo32.exe. When msinfo32.exe window shows up, if you see an error stating 'Cannot collect the Windows Management Instrumentation software. Windows Management files may be moved or missing'.

    Figure 3

    This means your WMI is corrupted and any attempts to install CA ARCserve RHA will fail. What needs to be done here is to contact Microsoft support and have them rebuild the WMI. Once the WMI is rebuilt, then proceed to install CA ARCserve RHA.


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