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Components:XOSOFT Replication: 4.0, 12.0, 12.1, 12.5, 15.0
Last Modified Date:    05/13/2011
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Title:  Error building snapshot for root directory allowed.


When starting a scenario an error shows in the event window in the WANSync manager with the message: 'Error building snapshot for root directory <Drive Letter>:/<root dir>.' . This document provides steps to be taken in order to resolve this error.


Note: This document applies to version 4.0.x of CA XOsoft WANSync, CA XOsoft WANSyncHA, CA XOsoft Replication version r12.x, CA XOsoft High Availability version r12.x and CA ARCserve RHA 15.x

The error of 'Error building snapshot for root directory <Drive Letter>:/<root dir>.' can be produced within the events of the WANSync Manager or CA XOsoft Manager if the source root directory that is added to the scenario contains a Distributed File System (DFS) link. A DFS link is another share somewhere on the network that goes under the DFS root. When a user opens this link they will be redirected to a shared folder. Because the DFS link shows up within the DFS root folder as a sub directory this will be attempted to be replicated by WANSync or XOsoft. The problem with attempting to replicate a directory that is in fact a link is that the actual directory structure is not present on the host, it instead is located on the target share of that DFS link. Illustration A below provides a visual aid with regards to the DFS mapping concept.

Illustration A:

Figure 1


To resolve this, within the scenario exclude the directory that is the DFS link to a target share from replication. i.e. In the above illustration the DFS Root Org is located on server NYC-AMB-FIL-01 in directory D:\Org, and it contains DFS links of D:\Org\Training, D:\Org\Videos, and D:\Org\Forms. Then within the scenario you should exclude all three sub-directories of Training, Videos and Forms if the scenario contains the root directory of D:\Org as one of the replicated directories.

To exclude this directory follow the below instructions or reference the User's guide for either CA XOsoft Replication or CA XOsoft WANSync.

To exclude files:

  1. Double-click on any of the selected directories to re-open the Browse and select directories window.
  2. Select the desired directories.
  3. In the Figures below, the directories, subdirectories and files belonging to the object highlighted in the left-hand area are displayed in the right-hand area.
  4. Select the Exclude files radio button and enter a value; for example, exclude all files ending in the extensions *.xls, *.doc, *.ppt. Separate the extensions using a comma or a space: make sure there is a space between the file extension and the separator (e.g., *.xls<space><comma>).
  5. Marking the root directory on the left side also marks all the right side sub-directories and the files matching the exclude criteria.
  6. You can unmark any number of individual files or sub-directories by removing the checkmark next to their names. When a file is unmarked, the checkmark next to its path is grayed-out.

    Figure 2

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