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HHow to create a new template?


A template is simple to create and easy to use. The creation process of a template is similar to the creation of a new scenario. However, because a template is not associated with any actual servers some of the values cannot be filled in, such as the IP addresses of the master and replica servers and the host names as well. Also, while default folder paths can be entered on the directories tab, they must be typed explicitly rather than entered through a file browser.

All templates are stored in the templates folder in the scenario pane. This folder does not appear in the scenario pane until at least one template is created.

To create a new template

1. Open the Scenario Creation Wizard by clicking the New button on the Standard toolbar, or selecting New from the scenario menu.
    The Scenario Creation Wizard opens.

2. Select the Create a New Template option button, and click Next.
    The Select Server and Product Type page opens.

3. Select the required scenario options, and click Next.
    The Template Name and Comments page opens.


4. Provide a name and description for the template. This name is the base for the default names of the scenarios that are created using this template. The description appears on the scenario pane as part of the template's details and can help you identify the template configuration.

5. Click Next. The Template Properties page opens.

 6.From this step, the wizard pages are similar to the ones you use in creating a new scenario.  Configure the settings for your template and click next to the end and then click finish.

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