arcserve-KB : How to surpress engine disconnection messages for the replica

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:42:37 UTC


If you have connection issues and your replica is disconnecting and reconnecting frequently and you want to surpress the errors RHA is displaying due to these connection issues there is a way to increase a timeout in RHA to do this.


By default the timeout for reporting a replica disconnection in RHA is 2 seconds.   If you would like to increase the disconnection timeout to prevent the error events from showing within the RHA Manager instead follow the steps below:

1. Stop the scenario

2. Open the RHA config file located on the master and replica in the install directory of RHA (program files\ca\arcserve rha\engine) , the file is called ws_rep.cfg, open it in notepad.

3. Find the parameter 'ReplicaDisconnectNotificationTimeout' , it is about midway down in this file.

4. Change it from 2 seconds to however many seconds you need based on the length of your recent disconnections

Note: If you increase this to high then you may never know if the Replica is disconnected and could see increased spool growth on the Master server.

5. Remove the # symbol from this line

6. Save the file, then restart the RHA engine service on this host

7. Repeat on each host in the scenario, then you can restart the scenario when complete

Additional Information:

CA ARCserve RHA Best Practice for this situation is that we highly recommend you fix the network issue(s) within the environment which is the most typical reason why the Replica engine shows disconnected and then reconnected.

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