arcserve-KB : I lost the icons of master and replica servers showing scenario status. How to get them back ?

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:53:38 UTC


In RHA manager, once you click the scenario, you can see the animated icon of Master and Replica server.

It shows the amount of spool utilised on Master & Replica server, status of scenario whether it is in sync mode or Replication mode.

NOTE : A scenario that is in stopped state wont have statistics tab


In the RHA Manager, every active scenario has a statistics tab which displays the statistics of replication , amount of spool in the form of animated CPU icons. To get that  :
-- Make sure you clicked the scenario and on the right hand side you can click statistics tab.
--  If you don't find that please click the scenario and click View menu  and click Reset; you should be be able to see statiscs tab.
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