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Last Update: 2016-05-05 08:43:57 UTC


The purpose of this article is to teach you how to exclude folders from synchronization and replication by their name.  Example, your company has an application that creates temp folders and it is not necessary to sync them to the replica.  Each folder that is created starts with the word 'temp' and then has numbers appended to the end as the number of folders increases.  If there are no folders with the word 'temp' in them that you do need to replicate can you exclude all folders that appear in the root directories that contain the word temp, even the folders with numbers after the word you pick to exclude.


This type of exclusion requires you to edit the scenario file and then reimport the scenario.

1. If the scenario is running stop it, then right click on the scenario in the left hand pane and choose 'export'

2. Save the scenario somewhere and then open it in notepad, it is important to use notepad so your text editer doens't add any hidden characters to the scenario file which can corrupt it.

3. Find the following section, it is the root directory section for the master.  It is important to note there will be a section like this for each server involved in the scenario, the first section in your scenario that looks like what you see below is going to be the master. 

4.  Below is the same section of the scenario with the necessary changes to exclude any folder from replication that contains the name 'temp' in it, in red are the sections where changes were made.

 5. Now save the scenario file then reimport it by right clicking on the scenario group in the left hand pane and choosing 'import'.  It should ask you to overwrite the existing scenario, say yes to that. 







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