arcserve-KB : What to do and where to start with RHA troubleshooting when all else fails (Part of the Accelerated Technical Learning Series)

Last Update: 2016-04-20 14:08:00 UTC


This document explains some of the first and more common steps that can be taken to attempt to resolve a CA ARCserve RHA issue during troubleshooting.


So you have tried a couple of things (engine restarts, machine restarts, some log analysis, followed the cookie crumbs...) and the problem still exists and you are now having trouble with where to go next.  Below are some initial options you have to attempt to quickly fix an issue (also known as shotgunning).

  1. Refresh the Engine and Control Service services
    1. By this you will remove any configuration sent to the engine host servers and get rid of anything that could possibly be hanging around causing the engine to not act as it should be.
    2. This process is the first line of defense in any RHA issue and situation where you don't know where to start.
    3. The engine refresh is outlined in the following KB article: First Step Troubleshooting for disconnections or hangs in synchronization
    4. Along with this procedure there are two other things that should be done along side of it to refresh the engine prior to restarting the engine service on the hosts.
      1. Within the scenario find the 'Spool' folder property for each host (Master, Replica, Replica-N...etc)
      2. Default location will be the [Engine Install Directory]\tmp which is C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve RHA\engine\tmp
      3. With the Engine Service stopped, delete ALL contents of this directory
      4. Next rename the '[Engine Install Dir]\log' folder to refresh logging.
      5. Then start the engine service
      6. Note that a lot of times it is well worth performing all of these steps on all engine hosts prior to restarting any of the engine services
    5. On the Control Service server there are a couple of folders that can be changed to refresh both the GUI and the Control Service itself for troubleshooting
      1. The first is the 'ws_events' folder for the Control Service itself. This folder contains all event history up until the max size of file per scenario for easy repopulation of the events pane within the RHA Manager.
      2. Renaming the 'ws_events' folder while the Control Service is stopped will help to resolve some unexplained issues sometimes revolving around the GUI. You can find the procuedures in this KB article: Unable to view the Scenario in RHA Manager
      3. Another way to reset some of the GUI or Control Service issues is to reset the scenarios back to a default and then put them back in to be re-translated by the Control Service. This is done by manipulating the 'ws_scenarios' folder. This folder however is required to be in place so follow the below exactly for troubleshooting purposes:
        1. Close out of all RHA Managers (you may need to kill the 'ws_gui.exe' processes from task manager)
        2. Next rename the 'ws_scenarios' folder to 'ws_scenarios.old' within the Control Service installation directory. (Default location is C:\Program Files(x86)\CA\ARCserve RHA\Manager\ws_scenarios)
        3. Next create a new and empty 'ws_scenarios' folder within the Control Service installation directory.
        4. Start  the CA ARCserve RHA Control Service service.
        5. Log into the overview page
        6. Open the RHA Manager
        7. (Don't be alarmed) You should not see any scenarios showing here now
        8. Verify functionality for your troubleshooting purposes
        9. Close the RHA manager
        10. Stop the Control Service
        11. Delete the 'ws_scenarios' folder that you previously created in step iii.
        12. Rename the 'ws_scenarios.old' folder back to 'ws_scenarios' folder
        13. Start  the Control Service again and continue your testing
      4. Also the GUI sometimes needs a reset, this can especially happen during upgrades from older versions
      5. To refresh the GUI follow this KB article: The Arcserve RHA GUI is scrambled or collapsed and unreadable
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