arcserve-KB : How to enable and view snapshots in arcserve RHA

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:46:01 UTC


By default, CA ARCserve RHA does not automatically create VSS snapshots. In order to activate this option, you need to set to On the Create Shadow Copy (VSS) property of the required Replica. This property is associated with two operations - replication suspension and AR test. Since you cannot set both operations on a scheduled mode for the same Replica, you need to configure the Create Shadow Copy (VSS) property with regards to one of these operations.


You can enable it by following it either of the steps:

Step 1:

Enabling the suspend option.

Step 2:

Enabling the Replica Integrity Testing for Assured Recovery option (*Note, the scenario must be created with assured recovery to use this option or you must recreate the scenario and select it.)


You would need to set the Create Shadow Copy (VSS) option value as 'On' so that snapshots gets created.

Once the snapshots are created they can be viewed under 'Snapshot view' on the scenario manager window.

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