arcserve-KB : How to enable switch computer name alias in arcserve RHA 16.5.1

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:47:03 UTC


This article explains how to setup your scenario to switchover using the switch computer alias method.  In version 16.5.1 of Arcserve RHA the switch computer alias feature is no longer tied to the switch computer name feature which requires a reboot.  This means you can now switchover without a reboot by giving the replica an alias name for the master.  It is important to note this method of switchover will only work if your users connect to the application using the netbios alias or a DNS alias.  It is also important to note that this feature is available for Windows only.


1. In the Arcserve RHA manager you first need to make sure the scenario is stopped in order to turn on this switch alias feature.  This feature is located on the 'High Availability Properties' tab in the right hand pane:

2. Next, find the alias name your users use to connect to the active host and type it in on the 'Alias Name' field:

3. As part of the switchover process an OptionalNames value is added to the registry of the Replica server under HKEY_LOCAL_MACINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\lanmanserver\parameters which is the name of the Master Sever. This setting allows the Replica to accept user requests to the Master's UNC when made active.

4. It is strongly recommended to also enable DNS redirection if you are using the switch computer alias feature.  This feature is a couple lines above the switch computer alias feature on the high availability properties tab.

5. When complete click the save scenario button on the top left of the RHA manager, you are now ready to resync the scenario and test the switchover.

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    I see in Step 3 - the registry key called:

    double checking if you really mean ControlSet001 ?