arcserve-KB : Enabling Install logs for arcserve RHA

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:45:07 UTC


How to enable logging while installing CA ARCserve RHA


The below steps demonstrates how to enable logging (in  (v)  Verbose output) while installing CA ARCserve  RHA

Using the Command Propmt  browse to the Install package location on the server as shown in the screen shot.

To Install CA ARCserve RHA packages use the command

'CAARCserveRHAEngine.exe '/V /log 'c:\CAARCserveRHAEngine.log'   

This same switch '/V /log' can be used for installing the other packages and replace the log file name and destination accordingly. 

The logs are created in the folder specified by the user while running the install command.

Below screenshot shows the sample install logs that were created


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