arcserve-KB : How to get arcserve RHA to manage the SQL agent service

Last Update: 2016-04-12 12:04:50 UTC


By default the SQL agent service has a manual startup type and Arcserve RHA will not manage this service.  If a user changes the startup type of the SQL agent service from manual to automatic, Arcserve RHA will then start to manage the SQL agent service on that host.  When RHA manages a service, it will start that service on the replica, if we are making that host active during a switchover and during the Assured Recovery test.  Also when you start the scenario we will make sure, the specific service is stopped in the inactive host.  If you want to have RHA start managing your SQL agent service please stop the scenario and change the startup type for this service to automatic.

If you find that RHA is managing your SQL agent service and you do not want RHA to do so, simply stop the scenario and change the SQL agent service startup type of all hosts to manual.  Then restart the scenario and RHA should no longer manage that service.  Please be advised, all the RHA Managed Services will be set to Manual when Scenario is active and it will be set back to automatic when we stop the scenario.  This means if the scenario is running it can be hard to tell if RHA is managing that service, unless the user does a switchover or an assured recovery test. 

The SQL agent service is not the only service RHA can manage in this way, most of the other SQL services that get installed with a manual startup type can also be managed if you stop the scenario and change their startup type to automatic.

More info:  The below document explores yet another way to have RHA manage any service the user wants to.

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