arcserve-KB : How to use the ws_getlog utility that is included with arcserve RHA to gather RHA logs and Windows event view logs on Windows hosts

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:48:05 UTC


 As of the CA ARCserve RHA R16.1.x release of the product there now is an included support tool that is available on the Control Service server for use in gathering log files for scenarios to provide to support.

This tool is very simple to use but does have the following requirement:

  • Must be able to create a UNC path to the Master or Replica hosts
  • Must have access rights to the RHA Control Service

Steps to use the tool:

  1. Login to the Control Service Server
  2. Open a Windows Explorer and browse to 'ws_getlog' folder the Control Service installation directory (default C:\Program Files(x86)\CA\ARCserve RHA\Manager)
  3. Then double click or right-click 'Run as Administrator' the 'ws_getlog.exe' application:
  4. Once the application starts you can select what log files to collect with the check boxes and then click the 'Load Scenarios and Get Logs' button. This will by default connect to '' CA ARCserve RHA Control Service on port 8088 (this is configurable, see the bottom).
  5. Once you have the options set and you click the button you will be prompted for authentication against the Control Service as it will gather all scenarios on the local ( Control Service, see below for configuration of the Control Service if you plan to connect to a different CS or to one that has SSL enabled:
  6. Once logged into the CS the tool will present a list of scenarios in the GUI.
  7. You will then select a scenario from the list and click 'OK'
  8. The tool will then ask where to save the zip file to
  9. Select the location for the final file to be saved and the file name (by default this will be and then click 'Save'
  10. The tool will then attempt to connect to the Master, Replica(s) via UNC path and the CS as well to gather the log files.
  11. At this point if you get a popup that it states that it cannot find the folder or log files, you may need to use the Explorer browsing mechanism to point it to the correct folder or possbly authenticate with a user that has local administrative rights on the host(s).

 Configuration of the 'ws_getlog' tool:

  1. You can change the server that the tool connects to by editing the file
  2. This file is found in the same locations as the executable 'C:\Program Files(x86)\CA\ARCserve RHA\Manager\ws_getlog'
  3. Open this file in wordpad or notepad
  4. Then make a modification to the below line:
  5. Two possible options would exist here:
    1. Another CA ARCserve RHA Control Server that isn't using SSL:
      1. Change the '' IP to the IP/ hostname /FQDN of the other Control Service
    2. The same machine or another Control Server that is installed using SSL:
      1. For this one you would change the '' to the 'Friendly Name:port' from the SSL cert used (this would be the servers 'HOSTNAME' if you installed the Control Service with a Self Signed Cert option)
        1. i.e. for Self-Signed  https://DEMOSERVER:443/ws_man/xosoapapi.asmx
        2. i.e. for another server or with Self-Signed to the local Controlo Service-

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