arcserve-KB : How to Install arcserve RHA on Unix\Linux Machine

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:45:55 UTC

Description: Installation of CA ARCserve RHA R16.x.x on the Solaris Machine.

 Copy the arcserverha_sunos510_sparc.tgz to the tmp location on the Solaris machine.

 Extract the File 'arcserverha_sunos510_sparc.tgz' using the command

 gunzip 'arcserverha_sunos510_sparc.tgz'  and using the ls command you find the extracted .tar file

Unzip the .tar files using the command 'tar - xvf arcserverha_sunos510_sparc.tar' and it will extraced to a Directory by name     ARCserveRHA

Now change the working directory to 'ARCserveRHA' and the ls command should show as above

And now run the install script using the command ./, Once the is excuted the license Agreement will follow on, after you will be prompted

Create 'caarha' group?[YES]  Press enter

Only User of the 'caarha' group can only manage the scenarios.

Enable Oracle support [NO] by default this is set to 'NO' if in case you have Oracle running on this server and if you are planing to protect oracle set this to YES in the proceed further.

Once the bellow message is dispalyed on the screen 

'Installation of was successful.'  

Installing setuid bit for /opt/CA/ARCserveRHA/bin/ws_rep 

ARCserveRHA installation completed, please select the language shown in GUI:

1 - Chinese (Simplified)

2 - Chinese (Traditional)

3 - English (United States)

4 - French (France)

5 - German (Germany)

6 - Italian (Italy)

7 - Japanese

8 - Portuguese (Brazil)

9 - Spanish (Traditional Sort)

Please select your language [3] 3

Starting ARCserveRHA


And now the CA ARCserve RHA Engine In installed on the server.

Note: Select and copy the appropriate version of the CA ARCserve RHA from the Unix_Linux directory to the appropriate flavour of OS and follow the above mentioned steps. 


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