arcserve-KB : How to do a graceful migration of RHA License & Scenarios to a New Control Service Machine by using the "Control Service DR" Scenario

Last Update: 2015-08-25 19:04:49 UTC


This article explains how to do a graceful migration of the RHA licenses & scenarios to a new Control Machine by using the 'Control Service DR' Scenario

Note:- The below procedure is only possible if you have old RHA Control Server available & you want to move it to a different system. After doing these steps it will sync the RHA Licenses (from the registery) along with the current scenarios.

  1. Install the RHA Engine on the old Control Service system
  2. Install the RHA Engine & the Control Service on a new system where you're planning to move the scenario manager.
  3. Create a control service (CS) DR scenario
  4. Make the original control service host (CS) as the Master
  5. Make the new control service host (CS) as the Replica
  6. Select the default values while creating the control service (CS) DR scenario
  7. Once the scenario creation finishes then start the scenario and let it complete
  8. After the scenario is synchronized &  you see the message “All modifications during synchronization period are replicated”  stop the scenario
  9. Now go to services of the original CS server & stop the “CA ARCserveRHA Control Service” & set the state of that service to “Manual
  10. Then go to the New Control Service system & start the  “CA ARCserveRHA Control Service” on it, change the startup type for this service to automatic.
  11. Now try to login into the overview page and select the scenario manager from it
  12. In the scenario manager you should see all the scenarios
  13. You should not have to re-apply your RHA license key as the control service sceanrio replicates the license keys from the old control service host to the new one.   
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